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YOU DON’T NEED TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT TO MANAGE YOUR OWN BOOKKEEPING…I Specialize In Helping Creative Professionals Set-up & Use QuickBooks, Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time!

Hi there… if you have’t ‘made friends’ with you QuickBooks yet, I’d love to help!

I’m a Los angeles area (West hollywood local) accountant with almost two decades experience in accounting, business management & tax planning/preparation.

Many creative businesses don’t require the services of a full-time accounting professional, as they can easily manage their own day to day bookkeeping – but many businesses may need a bit more assistance in areas of more complex accounting functions, or a little extra help may be needed preparing for tax time.

For the past 15 years I have specialized in three main areas:

  • Setting-up scalable accounting systems and integrating them with other business systems, software or databases to save time and expedite data collection and data entry,
  • Teaching creative professionals how to use QuickBooks for their specific purposes, and
  • Supporting accounting, business management, tax needs of Creative Professionals and Creative Enterprises.

I know you don’t want to become an accountant or learn every aspect and feature of QuickBooks, you only need to know how to manage YOUR books. QuickBooks will tell you that you can do it and they are correct, but you are so much better off with an expert at your side to navigate through the maze of jargon QuickBooks throws at new users.

Intuit complicates the QuickBook set-up process with unnecessary questions aimed at marketing other Intuit services or products to you. Don’t waste your time being a marketing pawn for Intuit, get back to doing what you love and let me show you how to start off with QuickBooks quickly and efficiently.

I will show you only what you need to know to properly manage your day to day bookkeeping and I focus on what you can do to best manage your business, save money on taxes, and save time on your bookkeeping.

Many sole-proprietors and small to medium sized companies do not need a full-time bookkeeper on their staff, but the person who is responsible for day to day bookkeeping often feels as if QuickBooks stifles their creativity.

Typically, these people waste much more time than they need to in Quickbooks and are not using it to their advantage.

Your relationship with QuickBooks shouldn’t be creating frustration, it should save you time and help you manage your business, your cash-flow, & your taxes with ease.  Creative or not, ANY business suffers in the absence of accurate bookkeeping.

You don’t need to take accounting classes, you need a QuickBooks expert who bridges the gap between creative types and their bookkeeping.

I’ve developed a method that makes it easy and natural for you to learn exactly what you need to do to manage your own books in one to six sessions.

Sometime clients have me check over their QuickBooks company file(s) monthly, quarterly or annually before tax time to clean-up the transactions which require more advanced accounting knowledge. I provide this service in-person or remotely.

And when my clients run into a Quickbooks problem or have a bookkeeping question, I am a always phone call away. Knowing their business and how they use QuickBooks enables me to quickly provide effective targeted on-demand support to my clients.

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