Free Tool to Calculate 1040-ES Estimated Tax Payment Amounts (link)

Here’s a great resource I’ve located online for calculating how much you need to pay with the Form 1040-ES voucher.

As a tax professional, I found this estimated tax payment calculator tool (link below) fairly straightforward to use.

TAX TIP: If the tool I linked to below seems overwhelming or confusing to you, please consider trying QuickBooks software to SIMPLIFY calculating and paying Estimated Taxes (New Improved QuickBooks Online version has a FREE 30 day trial CLICK HERE to try FREE 30 days)

JULY 2017 UPDATE – QUICKBOOKS ONLINE now offers a SELF EMPLOYED version that will calculate your Schedule C for you!

Click on the link above to get a Free 30 day trial of QuickBooks Self-Employed. QuickBooks Self-Employed is designed for employed, &/or small business owners to track self-employment income, expenses, and estimated tax payments.

Or, try calculating your own Estimated Tax yourself w/this 1040-es calculator tool

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