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TAX TIP: Use QuickBooks Online to Ease Estimated Tax Nightmares

DID YOU KNOW? Figuring out estimated taxes can be a big PITA if you don’t have a bookkeeping system…and doing your own books can be even more overwhelming….until now! If you pay estimated tax, and your income fluctuates, you may wish to adjust estimated tax installments you owe throughout the year, say if you’re not earning as…

OVERVIEW: QuickBooks Templates for Film Video Projects & Production Companies

QuickBooks Templates available for instant download here include 2 versions for Film & Video Production: “WORK FOR HIRE” or “FULL PRODUCTION ACCOUNTING” Complete, Blank Company files for Mac or PC (desktop) versions of QuickBooks. Already using QuickBooks? Import the full AICP 327 item list for job-costing, estimates and reports on multiple projects. Setting-up your file? Import a Chart of Accounts set-up exclusively for Film Production Projects & Companies. Or, allow me to set-up your budget in QuickBooks Desktop (Mac or PC) or QuickBooks Online versions for you!

Creative Professionals …Help is Here!

YOU DON’T NEED TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT TO MANAGE YOUR OWN BOOKKEEPING…I Specialize In Helping Creative Professionals Set-up QuickBooks to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time!

Let me show you how to use QuickBooks quickly and efficiently, so you may get back to doing what you love!

Film Production Accounting & QuickBooks

Want (or NEED) to know how to use QuickBooks for your film production accounting? Like many other activities in QuickBooks, film production accounting can be done in a few different ways while achieving the same effect, but the step by step overview below will give you a general idea of how to set-up QuickBooks to…