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I just finished putting together a new eBook and it is now available for sale – it contains my valuable Pro Advisor Quickbooks Online (QBO) discount codes, as well as several invaluable secrets and tips to guide you and help you set-up and use your new company file(s).

Though this guide explains how to set up new projects like Films to track and report in QuickBooks Online, even if you don’t need to set up a new film or other project to track in QuickBooks Online, everyone who intends to use QuickBooks Online will love the timesaving tips, and especially the discount codes that will save over $300 on new QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription(s), and supplies.

There are several valuable tips and links included to help you troubleshoot errors, and you’ll learn how to prevent from having to start over if you make an unrecoverable mistake while setting up your new file.

I provide several ways of getting your data into the Online version of Quickbooks, and I explain the best practices that I use for all of my clients.

I explain how to download and upload QuickBooks company files from desktop to online, and vice versa.

The discount codes alone make this more than worth the purchase price, but the other information included in this guide learned from my 10 years of setting up and using QuickBooks Online is priceless.

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