Learn My Pro Tips and Best Practices for setting up and using Quickbooks Online.

Save $300 with included Discount Codes for new QuickBooks Online company files and supplies.

Don’t try to set-up your project or company in QuickBooks Online without reading this first!

Get invaluable tips, time and money saving tips and discounts, and a little bit of advice from a QuickBooks Diamond level Advanced ProAdvisor and accountant who has been a QuickBooks Online (QBO) power user since QBO was originally rolled out in 1999.

I’ll explain the best practices to set-up a new QuickBooks Online file, then I provide two options to upload your chart of accounts. I explain how to create your new company file in the Desktop version for FREE, and upload it to QuickBooks Online (even if you don’t own the desktop version).

I also explain two different versions of QBO and why I recommend one over the other, I explain budgeting, and reconciling, and I provide several other useful tips and valuable Pro-Advisor secrets that you might not have known about otherwise, unless you hired me!

Read this guide before you start your QuickBooks Online project to streamline your set-up. The discount codes alone can save anyone $300 or more during the first 12 months of using QuickBooks Online, and these discount codes may be used again and again. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with this guide.

Also included: Instructions for converting UK, Canadian, and US desktop versions to their corresponding versions of QuickBooks Online.

This invaluable guide is approximately 25 pages long and includes screen grabs to illustrate the various steps and instructions.

This guide is designed for people who want to save money on their QBO subscription and supplies using the included discount codes, and for users who are computer savvy and have a basic accounting knowledge.  It is not a step by step guide to doing accounting or using QuickBooks Online, instead it is designed for users that want to get their project set up as quickly and painlessly as possible so they can start tracking their project.

Please note: Once you purchase the file ALL SALES ARE FINAL, there are NO refunds allowed.