QuickBooks Online: Remote Support, Training, Set-Up &/or General Help

If you have questions or need assistance with your QuickBooks Online bookkeeping, allow me to help, or even turn you into a QuickBooks Online Power User!

I will help you accomplish anything you need in QuickBooks Online, I know it’s powers and it’s limitations very well. I have set-up and done bookkeeping for hundreds of QuickBooks Online (QBO) individuals and businesses over the past four years. I started using QBO back in 2003.

I am a certified Gold Pro Advisor, which means I can get you 30% off your QuickBooks Online subscription, as well as Intuit checks/supplies.  I have priority access to the Quickbooks Online support team, for the toughest cases.

In addition to my services, I am also happy to provide you with valuable training materials and guides Intuit provides to me as part of my ProAdvisor membership, at no additional cost.

Some of the things I can help you accomplish in QuickBooks Online (QBO):

  • Import lists, transactions &/or historical data into QBO from other bookkeeping or financial software/app.
  • Set-up custom Chart of Accounts
  • Show you how to reconcile bank, credit card accounts.
  • Help you set-up Inventory, and Items
  • Help you record complex transactions, help you with any accounting/tax questions.
  • Create Estimates, Invoices, & memorize custom Templates.
  • Automate recurring Billing or recurring payments.
  • Show you how to enter your sales from POS or cash register, and track/pay Sales tax if needed.
  • Show you how to track/manage/pay bills.
  • Help you set-up, use or transition to QBO Payroll from another pr service.
  • Customize and save Report templates, automate reports (emailed automatically).
  • Help you set-up Third Party apps like Bill.com, Transaction Pro Importer, etc.
  • Show you how to record, track & reconcile credit card merchant account activity.
  • Transfer data to QuickBooks Online (QBO) from QuickBooks Desktop (PC or Mac) versions
  • Download QBO data & convert to QuickBooks Desktop (PC or MAC)
  • I can help you essentially “start over” if you messed up your QuickBooks Online file! (Transfer Online data to QuickBooks Desktop, repair data, then upload to New QBO subscription!!!)