(MAC) BOTH VERSIONS Quickbooks Blank Company File Templates TOGETHER

Download both MAC versions of Blank QuickBooks Company files together, for $45:  Click the “Purchase” button at the bottom of this page to take advantage of this offer. (looking the “PC version” of this offer? click here.)

Two (2) versions of Mac Quickbooks templates are available here at a substantial discount:  #1: What I refer to as “Work for Hire” version is intended for a Production Company w/Multiple Projects &/or Clients, whose tax preparer has asked them to use QuickBooks. #2: The “Full Production” version,  a QuickBooks file devoted to tracking a single production or series, more in-depth & on a larger scale.

TIP: After downloading/restoring the blank company file templates you may copy these files as many times as you like and rename them/modify to adapt to any project or company’s needs.

A typical film or tv series production with it’s own bank account may need to be tracked in it’s own Quickbooks file for various reasons: reporting to investors, capturing/reporting in-depth production costs without  altering the parent company file’s books. For example: If you’re a film distributor  producing/financing several films a year, you wouldn’t want your distribution company’s Quickbooks financial statements cluttered with several large film project costs, for many reasons. In this example, the costs are actually an asset to the film owner (the distribution company), and if the film is projected to return income for multiple years, it’s costs may need to be amortized over multiple years, but not until income is realized. This is why a separate Quickbooks file would be created to track the film production costs separately in expense accounts so a cost report may be generated By setting up a separate bank account and QuickBooks file for these “assets”, the distributor in this case may record the bank transfers made to the production checking account as an asset in the main Quickbooks file. By utilizing  separate QuickBooks files to track the budget-actuals and the main distribution company’s accounting, you’d be able to monitor the budget details, while keeping your main company’s books clean. (The value of the asset on the distributor’s books should be reconciled to agree with the actual costs in the separate Full-Production” style QuickBooks file.) This is also great for Anyone who wants to save hours upon hours over manually setting up 327 AICP lines within the Quickbooks item list and connecting each item to the corresponding chart of accounts.

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Compatibility: Both files work with QuickBooks Mac 2011 release through current version.

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