QUICKBOOKS QUICK TIP: Totally Awesome Keyboard Short-cuts

In an earlier post I described additional keyboard functionality for quickly changing dates while your cursor is in any QuickBooks date field.

Now I’m going to share more shortcuts you can use to navigate quickly from one activity to another while you’re working in a QuickBooks company file. (I heard a rumor that one of the features Intuit is considering adding to a possible future QuickBooks upgrade might be be allowing multiple company files to be open simultaneously, so if you need to write a check from the company and record the deposit to a separate entity, that will be possible.. and that sure sounds good to me!)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl+A – opens the Chart of Accounts
Ctrl+F – opens the Find window
Ctrl+W – opens the Write Checks form
Ctrl+I – opens the create Invoice form
Ctrl+T – opens the Memorized Transactions List

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