Want to use the superior PC version of QuickBooks on your Mac?

So you have an Apple Computer but want to use the superior PC version of

PC remote desktop on mac

yes you can harness the power of QuickBooks with an Apple computer!

Quickbooks ?

The solution is to use one of the QuickBooks Remote Hosting services that are currently available.

This is a secure connection that allows one to log on to a virtual desktop from virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection, using a PC or a Mac.

QuickBooks Remote Hosting is far superior to the slow online version, or the limited Mac version that isn’t quite the same as QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier.

I recommend SWIZZNET. You can lease the  full-featured Pro, Premiers or Enterprise version of QuickBooks on a month to month basis, so the start-up cost of QuickBooks can be considerably less than purchasing the license outright. This lease option also means you can start using the latest version as soon as it’s released, or you can stay with your current version for a couple years longer. You can change versions at any time.

And if you happen to already own a license for QuickBooks Pro, Premiere or Enterprise, you can use your own license at no additional cost with your SWIZZNET hosting. (Note: Intuit requires all remote QuickBooks hosting clients  pay $5/month which is added to Swizznet’s monthly hosting fee for QuickBooks.)

It’s also very secure and the back-ups are handled automatically so you never have to worry about lost data.

I recommend SWIZZNET for QuickBooks hosting, whether you use Mac or PC or both —  and also they offer a free 15 day trial: http://www.swizznet.com/information/quickbooks-hosting-for-mac