I have set up this site to provide you with helpful information about my Full-Charge Bookkeeping, Accounting, & QuickBooks Support Services, and also to provide updates, information and useful resources for my clients, associates and friends.

I am a freelance accountant with more than two decades of experience; I possess an expert command over every stage of the full accounting cycle. There’s not much I don’t know or can’t do in the world of accounting

I am based in West Hollywood, CA – I specialize in working with creative individuals, creative companies,  and small to mid-sized businesses in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West L.A. & surrounding areas.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve served in many capacities including Accounting Manager, Controller, Bookkeeper, and Consultant. I accumulated a great deal of knowledge while working with a large variety of people and businesses, including production companies, ad agencies, public accounting firms, musicians, artists, photographers, agencies/agents/reps, hair salons & stylists, law firms, doctor, dental and medical offices, tech start-ups, wholesale/distribution/manufacturing businesses, architects & construction companies.

I am ready to use my experience and accounting talents to assist you with all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Here are just some areas of my expertise:

I have extensive experience setting up, refining and streamlining computerized accounting systems. I make accounting software and computers work for your business, and for your specific needs — whether you are just starting out, growing, or downsizing — or whatever special needs you have, I will make a sensible system that’s scalable for any situation.

My advanced computer and software skills allow me to take full advantage of all common off-the-shelf accounting software programs – today I work exclusively with QuickBooks Online. Not only am I skilled in utilizing all the advanced time-saving features that are available, but I am also highly talented at devising practical solutions to any roadblocks encountered, to make your accounting work exactly the way you need/want it to work.

Production or cost accounting, and inventory management are two areas in which I’ve had extensive past experience setting up, using and troubleshooting QuickBooks. It’s not a coincidence – these are common areas many businesses struggle with. I provide clear simple solutions to complex problems like these, as well as many others.

I enjoy working quickly and accurately when providing first-rate, full-charge bookkeeping services. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and handle any bookkeeping/accounting task you need help with, from check-writing, invoicing, or reconciling, to planning and managing cash-flow, or creating and analyzing financial statements and business plans. I take charge of collections,  receivables, payables, banking, taxes & payroll. I am also capable of providing effective HR, IT troubleshooting, office and asset management services.

  • I studied business management & accounting at UCLA.
  • I gained valuable knowledge & experience doing bookkeeping, accounting and taxes for entertainment industry business managers for more than a decade
  • I have served as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor for over a decade
  • I served as the accounting manager for a film production/distribution company for five years, and for another five years I served as the controller & operations director for a large post-production facility in Hollywood. I designed excellent, time-saving accounting systems for both of these companies, and I can design or implement the perfect bookkeeping or accounting system for you & your business needs too.
  • I started my own accounting business 2008 & I specialize in full cycle bookkeeping/accounting for entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals.
  • I also consult & provide expert support, training & troubleshooting for small to medium businesses using QuickBooks Online
  • I look forward to using my resources, knowledge & skill to assist you with your bookkeeping and accounting solutions, and provide you with solid, accurate financial information.
  • I work with a local CPA on part-time basis (who I will highly recommend should you need assistance with your income taxes, retirement planning, or other financial planning), and I can interact effectively with any CPA who you may already be working with.

I look forward to helping you in any way I can, whether you need training or assistance with QuickBooks, or whether you need your Bookkeeping done, or if you need expert help setting-up, troubleshooting or integrating your Accounting System with other programs or data (to be able to see customer balances in your contact management application, for just one example).

There are a million ways to get the job done. My goals are to enable you to reach your goals – in the most efficient, easiest way possible! Let me show you how my accounting can work for you.


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