The ULTIMATE BOOKKEEPER offers accounting / full charge bookkeeping services, and custom financial analysis to high net worth individuals,  small to medium sized businesses, and people from all walks of life.

My services are customized to flow seamlessly with the business processes and unique nature of every client.

With quality and dependability driving the foundation of my services, The ULTIMATE BOOKKEEPER understands the importance of properly organizing and maintaining accurate financial records.

I’m friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced, and I work fully remote

Additionally, I can manage your accounting using QuickBooks Online. I offer QuickBooks® set-up, training and support custom tailored to you & your specific business needs.

Review my services offered below to see how I can support your bookkeeping, accounting, tax, business management, finance &/or QuickBooks needs.


Accounting / Bookkeeping Services:

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping Service
  • Business Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset / Property Management
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) includes invoicing, collections, tracking/recording payments.
  • Accounts Payable (A/P) includes tracking bills, bill payments, and year-end reporting.
  • General Ledger (Journal Entries and/or Adjustments)
  • Bank, Credit Card, Investment Reconciliations
  • Budgeting & Variance Reporting/Analysis
  • Payroll Service
  • Production & Post-Prod. Accounting.
  • Create or Update Business Plans, Projections
  • Non-Audited Financial Statements
  • Due Diligence, support for Investment, Acquisition, Sale.
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Income Tax Projection


QuickBooks Services:

  • Pre-Purchase QuickBooks Consultation: Confused over versions or features? Wonder what the best version of QuickBooks is? Ask me in a free 15 minute consultation. Contact me here
  • Convert to QuickBooks from another software or app: I will import your data and lists from any other software or app to enable a seamless transition from your old bookkeeping solution to QuickBooks.
  • Custom QuickBooks Set-Uptailored to your business needs using the most suitable version of QuickBooks software.
  •  QuickBooks Support: I will fix any problem with your Quickbooks file or help you with anything you need.
  • QuickBooks Check-up & Clean-up: Make your QuickBooks file run faster, fix errors, clean-up obsolete lists and transactions.
  • Customized QuickBooks Training: learn, improve skills, reach goals quickly –  for individuals & groups (you, your employees, co-workers or partners)”Beginner to Advanced”, A la carte lessons or complete goal-based programs. 
  • Install 3rd party apps & show you how to use them to expedite bookkeeping tasks, save time: my favorite QB Apps right now are, Transaction Pro Importer but there are many many more!
  • Sync QuickBooks with Bank & Credit Card accounts: allow me to reduce (or eliminate) data entry for you!
  • Inventory System Set-Up, Tracking, Valuation, ReportingIs your QuickBooks inventory not making sense? Do you need help setting it up? Want to use a 3rd Party app like Goldfish, or implement EDI? I am an expert in getting the most out of QuickBooks Inventory features, and integrating third party apps that make managing the most complex inventory a breeze!
  • QuickBooks Payroll Set-Up, Support, Training & Transition from ADP, Paychex, other payroll services.
  • Manipulate QuickBooks file data, Merge, Split, Delete or Duplicate within one or multiple Quickbooks files. Split a single QuickBooks file into multiple files, merge all/parts multiple files into a single file, quickly delete or add large amounts of data.
  • Repair or Restore damaged QuickBooks file:: If you can’t access your data, or if your file is crashing repeatedly, I will fix it for you so you can get back to work!.
  • Upgrade, Transition between QuickBooks versions: Want to ditch your desktop Mac or PC Quickbooks and use the new QuickBooks Online, or vice-versa? Or perhaps you wonder if you should be using a different version? Allow me to show you the light!
  • Customized QuickBooks form templates
    (i.e. Estimates, Invoices, Statements, or Sales Receipts)
  • Customized & Advanced QuickBooks reports: Don’t see it listed on the “Report’ menu? I can help create custom reports, or map QuickBooks data to Excel so you can update complex reports instantly
  • Customized QuickBooks spreadsheets for Excel
  • Software set-up (installation), upgrade, and/or removal (un-installation)
  • Upgrade from QuickBooks to NetSuite, Xero: I will transfer your QuickBooks data to any other accounting software.


Tax Services:

  • W2’s (Year end processing)
  • Employee Paycheck preparation.
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Return preparation/filing.
  • 1099’s (Year end processing)
  • Sales Tax Return
  • Yearly write-up (compile prior year’s transactions into financial statements, reconciling balance sheet bank account(s), credit cards & loans against actual/statement balances.)
  • Tax Projections, Planning
  • Coordinate/Support Filing Past Due Tax Returns, advice resolving IRS/State tax issues and conflicts.

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I set up this website to provide prospective clients with more information about my services, as well as to provide resources and information for existing clients and anyone else looking for help with their accounting, taxes, or QuickBooks.

Because helping people understand their books and finances is what I’m all about, please feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, need help, or whenever you are ready to get started on your path to perfect books!

Creative Professionals …Help is Here!

YOU DON’T NEED TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT TO MANAGE YOUR OWN BOOKKEEPING…I Specialize In Helping Creative Professionals Set-up QuickBooks to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time!

Let me show you how to use QuickBooks quickly and efficiently, so you may get back to doing what you love!

What I can do for YOU


Do you have a large amount of bookkeeping data to organize?
Do you manage your day-to-day bookkeeping activities but aren’t sure about some other aspects, such as how to properly enter payroll, or how to do your year-end 1099 reporting & close the year out in QuickBooks ?
Do you use multiple credit cards or bank accounts and can’t keep track of what you owe or what you’ve spent on business expenses?
Do you have a business or website that generates income, but you’re not sure what it is worth?
Is your tax preparer or CPA urging you to use QuickBooks but you find it too confusing to set-up, too complicated or it takes too much time?
Do you buy, work with or sell assets, equipment, or materials?
Do you need to keep better track of inventory values and quantities?
Do you want to know exactly how much you are earning or spending?
Do you wish to track your budgets more accurately?
Do you need to manage/track multiple projects, locations or businesses?

Time for a QuickBooks Check-Up!

Title: Schedule your QuickBooks Check-Up Date: Now Have you ever worried that there might be something wrong with your QuickBooks file, or feel like you may need a little QuickBooks help from an expert accountant & QuickBooks Proadvisor? It’s a feeling that many people have, because Intuit tells everyone they can do their own books…