Time for a QuickBooks Check-Up!

Title: Schedule your QuickBooks Check-Up
Date: Now

Have you ever worried that there might be something wrong with your QuickBooks file, or feel like you may need a little QuickBooks help from an expert accountant & QuickBooks Proadvisor? It’s a feeling that many people have, because Intuit tells everyone they can do their own books — in fact, most people definitely need at least occasional Professional help (if not more often) with setting-up and maintaining the data within their QuickBooks Company file.

Did you set up the file right?
Did someone enter data incorrectly?
Just what did that last journal entry do to your Accounts Receivable?
Are your payroll expenses appearing correctly on your financial statements?
Do you need help setting-up or recording Inventory, Loans, Assets, Point of Sale reports or Online sales?
Is your data giving you difficulties, or could your QuickBooks file possibly be corrupted?

With my “QuickBooks check-up and review service”, you can find out if your QuickBooks file is set-up properly &/or whether your data is entered accurately. You’ll be able to identify and solve any potential problems with your year-end reporting, and you will learn if your QuickBooks software is being used correctly.

Each QuickBooks Check-Up session is customized to the client’s needs — we can work on a comprehensive review of one area, or do a quick overall check-up of the whole file, depending on your individual needs and wishes. I will answer any question you or your tax person has. Read the list below to see the areas I can delve into during my comprehensive check-up of your QuickBooks file and the data contained within:

  • Troubleshoot account balances
  • Review list changes
  • Correct errors with accounts receivable transactions
  • Correct errors with accounts payable transactions
  • Find incorrectly paid payroll liabilities
  • Reconcile Customer/Clients accounts, if needed
  • Reconcile Vendor accounts, if needed.
  • Locate/fix discrepancies from previous bank reconciliation(s)
  • Set a closing date and password
  • Review QuickBooks references
  • Reviewing A/R and A/P aging reports
  • Adjust sales tax payable
  • Adjust/troubleshoot inventory and quantities on hand
  • Run P/R checkup, review employee default settings, make any necessary corrections
  • Enter “after the fact” payroll from your payroll reports, if needed.
  • Troubleshoot, adjust or update Financial Statement presentation.
  • Create/format/memorize customized reports.
  • Reconcile other Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Set closing dates and update any necessary QuickBooks preferences

This session will be helpful to everyday users of QuickBooks to insure that there are no issues with your data in a previous year, current year or both.

You need a talented Accountant and QuickBooks ProAdvisor like ME to get the kinks out of your data and resolve any accounting questions before you do your taxes!

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