Bookkeeping Backlog? Let me Import your Data into QuickBooks!!!

A Special Note for those who need to do your books for the whole year (or multiple years):

Getting caught up with bookkeeping for a whole year might be a time consuming task that you probably do not look forward to!  I can help you save a lot of time.

I have years of experience setting up QuickBooks for online banking, but upon connecting your bank to QuickBooks you may find that your bank’s web site only offers up to 90 days of past activity to download into QuickBooks. (That’s no help, when a whole year needs to be done!) In circumstances where online banking data can not be downloaded directly into QuickBooks, I am happy to format your data into a file with capability to import thousands of transactions with a few simple keystrokes.

If you can log-on & download a file from your bank or credit card website that is already formatted to go into your QuickBooks file with no extra steps, that will usually be the fastest/easiest method of importing those transactions.

But most banks/credit card/financial institutions provide less than 6 months of available download-able activity (even 90 days or less in some cases)! What to do if you have a longer time you need to import your data for? Create & import the data in the form of QuickBooks “iif” files!

If you are not familiar with .iif files, no worry, you will love them! They make entering a large backlog of data easy, and they can help you catch-up or complete your bookkeeping chores a lot faster too. Importing data into QuickBooks via .iif files can save huge amounts of bookkeeping time.

Over the past 10 years I have found this technique be most useful for many different bookkeeping/accounting situations. Most often, I’ve found that importing data to be the ideal technique to utilize when a client tells me that they need to enter a whole years (or multiple years) worth of transactions. It can be used to upload any transaction(s) or data to QuickBooks that you can’t or do not want to enter manually.

A short overview of the QuickBooks “.iif” File Type:

“.iif” type files are files written in a language that QuickBooks can read – they’re useful for batch-importing large volumes of data or transactions into your QuickBooks company file. This can come in handy when you need to get your books done for the whole year, or anytime you want to import data instead of keying it in manually. The trickiest part of the .iif file creation & import process is usually going to be getting the data properly formatted in Excel, as the data to be imported must be formatted in an Excel spreadsheet prior to the creation of an .iif file & importing it into QuickBooks.

Once the data can be manipulated from within Excel, I create an .iif file from it. It’s a just matter of correctly setting up the .iif file to import into a particular QuickBooks company file error-free.  Then the file can be imported from within QuickBooks – by clicking on the “File” menu, selecting “Import”/”Import IIF File” & pointing to the file you want to import, QuickBooks will import the data. Within seconds, all of the transactions will become entered into your company file (instead of manually having to type all of the fields & hit enter, for each transaction). QuickBooks has a dialogue that walks you through the whole process. When the import is complete, QuickBooks displays a confirmation message to tell you your data has been imported.

“Show me your source data!”

If you have large amounts of data/or months or years of past QB transactions you want to import, please contact me for a quote. I’ll need a list of all the file type/format(s), description of their content or purpose & file sizes that need to be imported to QuickBooks. I may need to check-out a few sample files before presenting you with a flat-rate quote. Once the quote is approved, I will need to get copies of your QuickBooks lists so the data I set-up for import can be seamlessly conformed to your existing QuickBooks Customer/Vendor/Job etc. name lists and  chart of accounts.  Then I’ll proceed to create the file to import years of bank and credit card activity in mere minutes with the push of a button & email you the QuickBooks .iif files, or if you prefer I’ll upload them for you. I can do this for ANY data you need to record in your QuickBooks company file – not just bank & credit card account data (that’s just the most common type of import I do). For example, I can work with Inventory data, Customer/Invoice/Job Cost data, Budget data, or Ebay/Paypal data.

Due to the differences in data formats, each project must be quoted separately – yet this service is surprisingly reasonable, especially considering the value of time that is saved in cases with massive amounts of data. If you can save a “.csv”, “.xls” or “.txt” type of file from your bank/credit card’s website, it is fairly simple for me to create the QuickBooks “.iif” file from it. But I can use a “.pdf” or even paper statements to get the job done if that’s all that is available. I have a very powerful data-optimized sheet-feed scanner which I use to create PDF files with text-recognition, then the text may be copied/pasted into Excel to create the “iif” file. I can create QuickBooks import files from anywhere — Anything is possible, when you have an excellent QuickBooks expert like me helping you get your books done fast, yet done right. =) (…and that’s just one of the many reasons why I’m the best QuickBooks Expert Bookkeeper in L.A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood!)

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