Need to File Form 1099? Save Time, Money on Forms, Envelopes

Here’s a time and money-saving suggestion for everyone still looking to purchase blank 2013 1099-misc forms:

You can save a lot of money over the higher prices you’ll pay if you were to order the forms from Intuit or pick them up from an office supply store. Amazon’s selection is wider and deeper than any of the office supply chains– Amazon is MUCH less expensive, too. I’ve shown you a few examples below.1099Misc-2013

By the way, all of the forms shown below will work with (or without) QuickBooks — QuickBooks is designed to fit the standard laser-printed or tractor-fed form so you do not need to order special forms. QuickBooks also offers electronic transmission to the IRS and State authorities for an extra charge. Whether you choose to e-file or not, you still need to mail hard copies of the 1099 form to all recipients.


 1099 Misc Laser Forms Kit with Envelopes – 25 Pack (2013) AWESOME DEAL for $17.99!!

1099-Misc Tax Forms For Laser Printers – 50 Pack (2013) at $19.97, an Awesome Deal too

If you do not use QuickBooks, both of the kits below come with the 1099 software to which you may enter or import your 2013 1099 data, print and file the forms. You also have the option of e-filing in this software.

1099 Misc Laser Forms Kit with Envelopes PLUS SOFTWARE – 25 Pack (2013) for only $32.99

1099 Misc Laser Forms Kit with Envelopes PLUS SOFTWARE – 50 Pack (2013) Only $44.99

Don’t forget to get enough of the self-sealing envelopes that fit the 2013 1099 forms exactly! (You probably can’t use last year’s envelopes because the forms change each year!!)
1099 Misc- Mailing Envelopes

—>(link) Visit 1099 Forms Supply Central

Click the link above to check out all the available options for forms,envelopes, supplies, everything you need for 1099 filing at a discount, I love to get these forms delivered straight to my door and they do ship free in most cases.