QUICKBOOKS QUICK TIP: Merging Duplicates (Customer, Vendor, or Job)

When you look at your QuickBooks Lists for Vendors, Customers, &/or Jobs, do you see Duplicates?

Do your lists contain too many names identifying the same entity? The following procedure will walk you through merging two vendors.

All the historical transactions that contained the predecessor name will be modified to contain the survivors name. (TIP: Remember, this SAME procedure can also be used for items, customers, jobs and accounts.)

STEP 1: From your Lists Menu Click on Vendors (QuickBooks 2006 – go to Vendor Center) > determine which vendor name will be the survivor.

STEP 2: Edit the Vendor you have chosen to be the Survivor (the name that you wish to merge all duplicate names into) (Control + E, or right click on the name & select edit vendor) and then use your mouse to HIGHLIGHT the Entire Text within the Name field, and COPY it to the Clipboard. (If you use a PC, click “Control” and the “C” key. If you use a Mac, use “Command” and “C”).

STEP 3: Determine which vendor will be merged off the list > edit the vendor that will no longer exist (Control + E, or right click on the name & select edit vendor) > SELECT the ENTIRE NAME, delete it, and PASTE the SURVIVOR NAME (that you just copied in Step #2) ( I suhggested Copying and Pasting to get the name exactly. Spaces and characters are important – just the vendor name field needs to be modified) >

STEP 4: click OK and a popup will ask if you want to merge this vendor with the name that is already in use > Click yes.

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