Tools for Power Users: New QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online (QBO) keeps getting better & better.  Today I’m working on a client’s year-end in QuickBooks Online. While looking up a shortcut, I came across an informative pop-up window shown below.

It appears the same date shortcuts and arithmetic functions that I love in Desktop QuickBooks version are now available in the Online version! As a long time Desktop power-user, both tools have saved me a lot of time when entering transactions.

Over the past year I really missed them as I set-up more clients than ever in the Online version. I expect this implementation of new features in QBO trend to continue to grow; I am pleased to say working in Intuit’s cloud version of QuickBooks is getting better and better as power-user tools and time-saving features are added.

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This is the text below- Enjoy!


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  • Convenient features in the New Reconcile page
  • How to work in multiple companies at once
  • How to open multiple windows or tabs
  • How to get back to pages you’ve been to recently
  • How to see and quickly switch between tabs/windows that you have open
  • Keyboard commands

Convenient features in the New Reconcile page:

The new Reconcile page, the one that has the tables for the Payments and Deposits side-by-side, has some features that make reconciling easier:

  • Click on a column header of a table to sort the table by that column. This lets you sort by check number, date, amount, etc.
  • Drag columns left or right: click the left mouse button down in a column header, and drag the mouse left or right. Little triangles show you where the column will be inserted. Release the mouse button when the column is where you want it. This lets you put the Amount column next to the checkboxes if that’s more convenient for you, or do any other rearranging.
  • Select all of the items in a table by clicking on the checkbox in the header of the checkbox column. Then you can selectively uncheck the boxes for any items that have not cleared. You can click in the checkbox in the header again to unselect all items.

How to work in multiple companies at once:

QuickBooks Online only lets you work in one company at a time, no matter how many tabs or windows you have open in your browser. However, by using different browsers, you can have multiple companies open at once.

QuickBooks Online works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on both Windows and Mac, and also works with Internet Explorer on Windows. If you install additional browsers, you’ll be able to open a different company in each browser.

To do this, run the Client List ( in each of your browsers. Go to the Client List in each browser, and click the link to the QuickBooks Online company you want to view in that browser.

If you make changes to client information in one browser, you might need to refresh the Client List page in other browsers to allow them to see what you did.

How to open multiple windows or tabs:

Most browsers have a command to open an additional window or tab. The shortcuts for these commands are usually Ctrl + N and Ctrl + T, respectively (Command + N and Command + T on a Mac).

What opens in the new tab or window varies across browsers. For instance, in Internet Explorer, a copy of the current page opens in the new window. In Firefox, a blank page opens in a new tab, and your homepage opens in a new window. You might want to factor this behavior into your choice of browser to use with QuickBooks Online.

How to get back to pages you’ve been to recently:

In many browsers, there’s a way to see a history list of the pages you’ve been to recently. In Firefox or Internet Explorer, click on a triangle next to the Back button; in Chrome, hold down the mouse button over the Back arrow. When you’re looking at the history list, you can select an item in order to go back to that page.

How to see and quickly switch between tabs/windows that you have open

QuickBooks Online shows the names of open windows, in both the tab and the titlebar. So if you want to get back to the tab or window that was showing a Profit & Loss statement, look for the tab or the window (in the tray at the bottom of your screen) that starts with “Profit & Loss…”.

Keyboard commands

To enter dates:

  • Next day + (plus key)
  • Previous day – (minus key)
  • Today T
  • First day of the Week W
  • Last day of the week K
  • First day of the Month M
  • Last day of the month H
  • First day of the Year Y
  • Last day of the year R
  • Press Alt+down arrow to open the popup calendar icon to the right of a Date field

To do a calculation in an Amount or Rate field, enter the calculation (such as 123.45*1.05) and press Tab. QuickBooks Online will calculate and enter the result.

To save a form or transaction, type Alt + S (Alt + Shift + S in Firefox).

More keyboard shortcuts can be found in Help and in the Tips and Tricks Guide.”