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In an earlier post, I discussed why you need to take advantage of apps and sharing information in multiple applications; I provided an example using QuickBooks Payroll and Google.

There are tons of things you can do with your QuickBooks file, your computer and/or mobile phone, and your other software. Here are a few more cool apps that you can try out to see how cool some of these applications can be.

EXAMPLES of Apps you can use RIGHT NOW:

One of my favorite apps is ( It makes small business invoicing & tracking expenses easy. Try it free and you’ll see why I love it!

Here is another good one: CUSTOMER EXPLORER is an app by offered (For FREE!) on INTUIT’s “App Marketplace”, Spatial Key offers several paid services from it’s home page and bills itself as “location intelligence for decision-makers” and the free Customer Explorer app for QB allows you to geographically visualize your customers, among many other useful innovative tools to analyze your Quickbooks data in previously unimagined ways. The image below is an example of Customer Explorer. (Click image to go to the Customer Explorer download/info page.)

I will be adding more apps here in the future so check back often, or see the lower left of the page to subscribe to my blog and get automatic updates of new posts via email.

In the meantime, if you need assistance setting up (or customizing) applications to work with your QuickBooks file, or if you have questions &/or would like more information on anything you have read here, please “CLICK HERE” to contact me.

And check out the INTUIT APPS MARKETPLACE for many more QuickBooks extras, “bells and whistles” that you can use right away to grow your business!

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