Host QuickBooks on 3rd party server

You need quick and easy access to your data.

So how do you get the information you need exactly when you need it?

Answer: QuickBooks application hosting.

Application hosting simply means that registered software, like QuickBooks, resides on a third party server, versus individual desktop or laptop machines.

Having the software and data files located on a third-party server allows for easy access from any computer, at any time. This type of hosting helps business owners keep their accounting software and financial data in an ultra-secure environment where they have 24/7 access, but it also provides the ability to easily work with their accountant or business advisor.

How does application hosting work? Typically a person or company sets up their business client files at a “data center” & they move their existing company file(s) there as well. The data center allows permitted users access to QuickBooks data regardless of location or time of day, through the Internet. In addition, accounting professionals can view their client’s books in real time and view the same screens without additional software or fees.

Yes, I am aware there is already an “online” version of QuickBooks! Though it is accessible from anywhere, the current “Online” version of QuickBooks is limited in several ways — it does not let you import data or share data with other platforms, and you can’t take advantage of the accountant’s copy feature either in the online version. By hosting your desktop software you can overcome both of these limitations. The desktop version of QuickBooks provides the ability to import, export, or exchange/share data with other platforms.

You can host all of your software on a cloud and operate from anywhere you have an internet connection. I know I am a big nerd (who else would write an article about hosting QuickBooks on a gorgeous Saturday when I should be at the beach?), but I think that is pretty cool.

Why should you consider application hosting? Some of the reason are :

1. A reduction in overhead expenses

2. Freeing up of resources

3. Improved efficiency

4. A reduction in operating costs

6. Reliability and state of the art security

7. The ability to work from anywhere

8. Easy administration–no more moving or emailing files and ZIP folders

These are just some examples of how hosting your QuickBooks software can provide advantages. Deciding to use an application hosting service can provide companies with both a strong competitive advantage as well as heightened operational efficiencies. It’s something to think about.

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