West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, L.A. Expert Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Set-up, Training, Pro-Advisor

Specializing in Creative People & Creative Enterprises, The Ultimate Bookkeeper is the West Hollywood and Los Angeles area’s premier Accountant, Bookkeeper & QuickBooks ProAdvisor, setting-up & supporting scalable accounting systems and doing bookkeeping, accounting and taxes for almost 20 years.

The Ultimate Bookkeeper is the Ultimate QuickBooks expert and should be the first call you make if you need Bookkeeping or Quickbooks help, or want to learn to use QuickBooks — either way, I get your business up and running fast. No matter where you’re located, we look forward to helping you with any accounting or QuickBooks need remotely!

Whether you use a Database, Point of Sale system, a Third Party ERP system, Contacts management or other apps/software to track Projects, Sales, Clients, Inventory &/or collect payments, or if you need to track or pay Commissions or Royalties, if you manage income-producing assets such as Real Estate or Equipment, no one else offers the experience and knowledge to set-up your accounting system and maintain your books as perfectly and quickly as The Ultimate Bookkeeper & Accounting Service!

Highly experienced with most every POS and sales tracking, payment, or management app that exists, The Ultimate Bookkeeper & QuickBooks Proadvisor in West Hollywood can integrate any outside software with QuickBooks to give you a complete, 360 degree view of your business.

I can also help you create or update Business Plans, Projections, Budgets and more.

Not sure which version of QuickBooks you need? Let me help select and set it up for you, I guarantee 100% success.

Want to understand QuickBooks better or get comfortable with it fast? Whether you are familiar with QuickBooks or not, The Ultimate Bookkeeper QuickBooks Pro Advisor uses a proven technique that helps you understand how to use QuickBooks software to do your books the best way for you and your business.

Or let me manage the bookkeeping and tax compliance for you. I offer ongoing, monthly service as starting low as $99/month.

Some other areas of expertise include: repairing QuickBooks, Quickbooks lessons, setting up effective and practical accounting systems, organizing large amounts of customer, inventory, project &/or billing data, tracking overages &/or charge-backs, automating the data-entry process, and importing data to reduce manual bookkeeping duties & saving as much time as possible.

I absolutely love my job and get a lot of joy from helping people make their lives run smoother because I love organizing and expediting information — but I hate data entry! One of my favorite motto’s is “IF data exists, then make every effort to USE it!” Meaning, after hundreds of years of draconian accounting processes, in this digital age our apps can finally talk to each other, and the time saved by taking a few extra minutes to set-up your accounting system to import/re-use existing data from other apps or software is money in your pocket — hours better spent on marketing, business development or other income-producing activities (or perhaps by resting & relaxing a little instead for those who work all the time ;))

The less time spent on manually entering your data, the more time is left to analyze the results that guide your business to meet it’s goals.

Please contact me today to schedule your free 15″ telephone consultation – I am thrilled to be able to help individuals & businesses whether working on-site at your location, or remotely via internet. Your success is my success!


We offer bookkeeping services, accounting services, QuickBooks Pro Advisor Support, and Quickbooks lessons to Creative folks and Creative businesses in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, Studio City & surrounding areas.