Bookkeeping in Your Bikini! Summer is Perfect for Learning QuickBooks

Want to start using QuickBooks or update, fix, clean-up your file?

If you want to get the most out of QuickBooks, please contact me for your free 10 minute consultation.


‘Summer Bookkeeping is easy, Time to Get your Quickbooks ON With ME’

Why me? I take the mystery out of QuickBooks, making it simple and easy to understand & use.

My specialty is helping Creative People & Creative Businesses to manage their bookkeeping, budgets and cash flow as well as produce accurate financial statements, plan for income taxes, and make sound business decisions.

No job is too big or too small for my QuickBooks Tutorial, QuickBooks Set-Up or QuickBooks Support. I’d enjoy the opportunity to teach you how to use QuickBooks to do your own bookkeeping, set-up QuickBooks and get you started then support you when needed, or we can set-up a new accounting system &/or create a  complete business management or paperless filing system tailored for your specific needs & purposes.

I have refined a proven teaching method over the years, teaching formerly frustrated non-accountants how to manage their day-to-day bookkeeping with ease. I am thrilled to help you learn QuickBooks too.

Whether you just want to track personal finances or need to manage your business, I will be there to show you the best methods to use QuickBooks the best way to accomplish your goals. Cut to the nitty-gritty and bypass features of QuickBooks you don’t need or won’t ever use. I will help you deal with tax agencies, and give you the inside scoop after years in public accounting preparing all kinds of taxes.

It seems to sink in best when I teach my clients how to use QuickBooks when we work in 90-120 minute sessions. First I like to help people determine their goals by identifying what it is they want or need to achieve – then I come up with a plan to best accomplish these objectives. It takes 3 to 7 meetings to get the books set-up, caught-up and complete what needs to be done in QuickBooks to get the file current, then we review where we are with our goals.

The lesson plan is customized to each individual’s specific goals (so you don’t need to learn stuff you will never use or don’t need to know).

We meet at your office, home, or any convenient location and focus on your own bookkeeping data, so you will learn to record your own financial activity.

Upon completion of the lesson plan, you will what it takes to be able to maintain your own bookkeeping. (If you don’t own QuickBooks I can get you a 30% discount with my Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor membership benefits, (From time to time I also I have extra licenses which you may download/start using it immediately.)

ALTERNATIVELY, I can manage the more complex accounting for you on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual schedule. Or I can continue to show you how to do it and meet with you to review your work as long as you need, until you are 100% comfortable.

My services are tailored to each situation, and will allow you to reap all of the benefits of having a bookkeeping system &/or mastering QuickBooks without having to obtain a graduate degree in accounting! 

SPECIAL OFFER: FOUR (5) PRIVATE LESSONS for the price of  FOUR (4): For new users of QuickBooks, or for those who need a brush-up of their existing skills. I can show you how to update your existing QuickBooks file, or you can start the year on the right foot with the perfect new bookkeeping system for the new year. Your lesson plan will be 100% customizable so we can focus on any specific bookkeeping tasks you want help with.

My goals are to show you how easy it is to save you money on taxes while organizing your financial information in the most efficient manner so that will be most useful to YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS — I’ll assist you to manage your finances AS SMOOTHLY AS POSSIBLE while reaping the greatest possible benefits and savings available.

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