Amazing Tool Extracts Bookkeeping Data from PDF Files!

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I have been searching for years for this tool.

Recently I came across the website for A-PDF to EXCEL, and read that it claimed to be able to extract data from PDF files into Excel. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Then I noticed that they offer a free trial of the full version of the program. So I downloaded it, and it worked like a a miracle to help me to get a couple thousand bank transactions entered into QuickBooks, all within a half hour’s time.

I have searched for this tool for years and am so pleased to share this with my readers too — but it gets better: it only costs $39 US dollars. Are you kidding me? I can make that back in 10 minutes or faster using this tool.

I wish I found this A-PDF to EXCEL tool years ago!  It feels like I am doing the work of four bookkeepers at once.

Discovering A-PDF made my day, but using it is easier.

I can now say that A-PDF to EXCEL is the best tool ever if you have pdf copies of bank or credit card statements but you need to work with the transactions listed on them using Excel, or if you have a long invoice or packing list you want to extract the data from so you can import it and not have to enter it manually. This tool will help with almost ANY PDF data road-blocks you may have!!

This PDF data dilemma is actually quite common in the world of accounting and bookkeeping. I can’t tell you how many times in the past, I have searched in vain for a simple method that would accomplish what seemed impossible: Extract bookkeeping data from the PDF and create an Excel file.

Q: Why would I want to be able to work with the data from my client’s bank or credit card statements in Excel?

A: A number of reasons, only just a few of which I’ve outlined below:

1) Because I use QuickBooks Premiere Accountant version, and this version contains an excellent tool called “Batch Enter Transactions” that allows me to literally paste the same data directly into the client’s Quickbooks file from Excel. I can accomplish years of bookkeeping in one day utilizing A-PDF to Excel and QuickBooks Premiere Accountant.

2) Because banks typically offer downloads of your data in QuickBooks format for 6 months to one year, when many people lag for a year or two on doing books and taxes so the downloads aren’t always available, but the statements are – even if they are so ancient that you need to call your bank and order/pay for copies, the bank can always provide statements.

3) Because is can be painstaking to impossible to manually copy and past data from PDF bank statements or credit card statements to Excel. If you try, you will see that it pastes all the data into one column but the data needs to be in separate columns to use the Batch Entry tool.  Also, many times the text is encoded for security purposes and becomes garbled when copied/pasted. I used to work around this by scanning my bank statements and using the OCR text recognition and tools within Excel to break the blocks of data into separate columns.

4) Because in many cases Excel can be harnessed to do simple bookkeeping or categorizing of debit/credit card activity, if you can just get the darned bank and credit card data in there.

Now I have A-PDF to EXCEL’s excellent tool to solve all the common problems from the past that were preventing me from working with my client’s bank & credit card statement data in Excel.

Following the simple to use toolbar at the top of the A-PDF to EXCEL screen I extracted one bank statement in 5 minutes, and I went on to extract a complete year of my client’s bank statement data at once in bulk within another 5 minutes. It was not just easy to use, A-PDF to EXCEL contains very well thought-out and powerful options. For example: prior to processing the whole year of bank statements in a single batch, A-PDF to EXCEL gave me the option of extracting each month’s bank statement in a separate tab within a single Excel worksheet, or separate Excel worksheets, or all on one page of one worksheet. Another useful option offered by A-PDF to EXCEL: You can save mappings and re-use them over and over.  I had one client ask me to help him complete two years of bookkeeping and tax returns, for FOUR companies! Since all companies banked at Wells Fargo, once I set up the mapping for one statement I was able to use the same mapping for the bank statements in A-PDF to EXCEL to extract each year of bank statements into a different worksheet. I used A-PDF to EXCEL to extract 72 monthly bank statements into 8 perfect Excel worksheets in about 10 minutes!!!


Heres a screenshot: