The ULTIMATE BOOKKEEPER offers accounting / full charge bookkeeping services, and custom financial analysis to high net worth individuals,  small to medium sized businesses, and people from all walks of life.

My services are customized to flow seamlessly with the business processes and unique nature of every client.

With quality and dependability driving the foundation of my services, The ULTIMATE BOOKKEEPER understands the importance of properly organizing and maintaining accurate financial records.

I’m friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced, and I am available for in-house, off-site, or remote access requests.

Additionally, I can manage your records on the MAC or PC platforms using QuickBooks®, and I offer QuickBooks® set-up, training and support custom tailored to your specific needs.  I can assist you on a temporary, part-time, or full-time basis.

Review my services offered below and let me know how else I can support your growing lifestyle or growing business.


Accounting / Bookkeeping Services:

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) includes invoicing and entering payments from customers.
  • Accounts Payable (A/P) includes entering bills, bill payments, and issuing or preparing checks.
  • General Ledger (Journal Entries and/or Adjustments)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Monthly and Annual Budgeting
  • Payroll Coordination
  • Production & Post-Prod. Accounting.
  • Create or Update Business Plans, 2-year & 5-year Projections
  • Non-Audited Financial Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, and/or Annually)
    • Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement)
    • Balance Sheet
    • General Ledger


Specialized QuickBooks & Other Services:

  • Set-up, Troubleshoot, or Clean-up QuickBooks Software
  • QuickBooks Check-up: “Clean-up” Your QuickBooks Company File…
  • Custom-tailored QuickBooks Training for individuals & groups. (you, your employees &/or partners)
  • Increase productivity + communication & eliminate Data Entry  demands with Cross-Platform Data Sync or Share between QuickBooks & CRM,  ERP or Proprietary software (update Contact Management software with QuickBooks customer balances, update QuickBooks file with Database billing details, labor, charges by Customer &/or Project, etc.) CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  • Sync QuickBooks with Bank & Credit Card accounts (automate activity download & expedite entry to QuickBooks).
  • Install Applications & other enhancements for Quickbooks
  • Physical Inventory, Cost Accounting, Purchasing Analysis
  • Production or Manufacturing Cost to Budget Variance Analysis
  • Payroll Coordination
  • Financial Analysis
  • Customized QuickBooks® form templates
    (i.e. Estimates, Invoices, Statements, or Sales Receipts)
  • Customized QuickBooks® reports
  • Customized data analysis spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel®
  • Software set-up (installation), upgrade, and/or removal (un-installation)


Tax Services:

  • W2′s (Year end processing)
  • Employee Paycheck preparation.
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Return preparation/filing.
  • 1099′s (Year end processing)
  • Sales Tax Return
  • Yearly write-up (compile prior year’s transactions into financial statements, reconciling balance sheet bank account(s), credit cards & loans against actual/statement balances.)
  • Quarterly review & Annual Pre-Tax review (review year’s activity in company file, review financial statements, check data for errors, enter/adjust payroll data for accuracy, prepare/file p/r taxes if necessary and plan/prepare for coming year/quarter).

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What I can do for YOU


Do you have a large amount of bookkeeping data to organize?
Do you manage your day-to-day bookkeeping activities but aren’t sure about some other aspects, such as how to properly enter payroll, or how to do your year-end 1099 reporting & close the year out in QuickBooks ?
Do you use multiple credit cards or bank accounts and can’t keep track of what you owe or what you’ve spent on business expenses?
Do you have a business or website that generates income, but you’re not sure what it is worth?
Is your tax preparer or CPA urging you to use QuickBooks but you find it too confusing to set-up, too complicated or it takes too much time?
Do you buy, work with or sell assets, equipment, or materials?
Do you need to keep better track of inventory values and quantities?
Do you want to know exactly how much you are earning or spending?
Do you wish to track your budgets more accurately?
Do you need to manage/track multiple projects, locations or businesses?


YOU DON’T NEED TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT TO MANAGE YOUR OWN BOOKKEEPING…I SPECIALIZE IN HELPING CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS MAKE QUICKBOOKS WORK FOR THEIR SPECIFIC PURPOSE(S) (MAC &/or PC FRIENDLY) Hi there… if you have’t ‘made friends’ with you QuickBooks yet, I’d love to help! I’m an accountant with almost two decades experience in public & private accounting. For the past decade I have specialized in setting-up accounting systems and teaching creative professionals how to use QuickBooks for their specific purposes. I know you don’t want to become an accountant or learn every aspect and feature of QuickBooks, you only need to know how to manage YOUR business. I show you only what you need to know to properly manage your day to day bookkeeping, and I only focus on what you can do to best manage YOUR business. Many sole-proprietors and small to medium sized companies do not need a full-time bookkeeper on their staff, but the person who is responsible for day to day bookkeeping often feels as if QuickBooks stifles their creativity. Typically, these people waste much more time than they need to in Quickbooks and are not using it to their advantage. Your relationship with QuickBooks shouldn’t be […]

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If you are in the Los Angeles area & need an excellent Full-charge Bookkeeper or QuickBooks training/troubleshooting/customization/support, you have come to the right place!

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To introduce myself, I have posted a couple of links (see below) to better describe my services & my goals. Please take a look. Because helping people understand their books and finances is what I’m all about, please feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, need help, or whenever you are ready to get started on your path to perfect books!

Time for a QuickBooks Check-Up!

Title: Schedule your QuickBooks Check-Up Date: Now Have you ever worried that there might be something wrong with your QuickBooks file? It’s a question that many people have. Did you set up the file right? Did someone enter data incorrectly? Just what did that last journal entry do to your Accounts Receivable? Are your payroll expenses appearing correctly on your financial statements? Do you need help setting-up or recording Inventory, Loans, Assets, Point of Sale reports or Online sales? Is your data giving you difficulties, or could your QuickBooks file possibly be corrupted? With my “QuickBooks check-up and review service”, you can find out if your QuickBooks file is set-up properly &/or whether your data is entered accurately. You’ll be able to identify and solve any potential problems with your year-end reporting, and you will learn if your QuickBooks software is being used correctly. Each QuickBooks Check-Up session is customized to the client’s needs — we can work on a comprehensive review of one area, or do a quick overall check-up of the whole file, depending on your individual needs and wishes. I will answer any question you or your tax person has. Read the list below to see the […]

Spring is Perfect for Learning QuickBooks

Want to start using QuickBooks or learn how to update your Quickbooks file? I will take the mystery out of QuickBooks, making it simple and easy to understand & use. My specialty is helping Creative People & Creative Businesses to manage their bookkeeping. I’d enjoy the opportunity to teach you how to use QuickBooks with a complete lesson plan tailored for YOUR specific needs & purposes. I have refined a proven teaching method over the years, teaching formerly frustrated QuickBooks users how to manage their day-to-day bookkeeping with ease. I am thrilled to help you learn QuickBooks too. Whether you just want to track personal finances or need to manage your business, I will be there to show you the best methods to use QuickBooks the best way to accomplish your goals. Cut to the nitty-gritty and bypass features of QuickBooks you don’t need or won’t ever use. I’ll teach you QuickBooks in five (5) 90 minute sessions over a two week period. The lesson plan is customized to each individual’s specific goals (so you don’t need to learn stuff you will never use or don’t need to know). We meet at your office, home, or any convenient location and […]

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